SEO techniques for ASP.Net Website Optimization

Dot NET encompasses many great run time quality features that are especially made to speed up the website optimization & search engine Optimization Process. Listed below are few of the most widely used features, which I'm going to discuss briefly to make you understand how can one be benefited from these SEO aspects and have a way of Website Optimization or a webpage Optimization.

Page Meta Keywords & Page Meta Description Tags

The most basic way to improve the search engine relevancy of webpages is ensuring to place keywords and description tags comprised in the Header < head > section of the Webpage HTML. ASP dot NET four Web Forms has introduces the addition of two new properties to the web Page class: Meta Keywords and Meta Description , to Ensure make programming setting of these values within your HTML code in a easier and clean way.

ASP Dot NET 4 Header Tag < head > server control these values and uses these codes while outputting the Header < head > section ofweb pages, which is very much beneficial for persons using master-pages within the web site, and the header < head > section in Asp.Net lands in a dot master file which is segregated from the dot aspx file containing theweb page content. You can now put in the recent Keywords and Description Meta tags at the dot aspx webpage.

With the Right setting of Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags in the Web Pages HTML, You can also place them within the Page directive at the top of dot aspx pages. With the setting the values programmatically, issue related to overriding may pop in either the Header < head > section or through the @web Page attribute.

URL Routing with ASP.NET 

The seo technique is used in the application to make Search Engine optimization friendly - web 2.0 URLs. URL routing enables web application settings to admit request URLs that do not trace to physical files. Routing can also be used to delineate links having semantic meaning for users and the one that can assist the seo technique. However, in case of ASP dot NET 4, URLs can be mapped to both ASP dot NET MVC Controller classes and ASP dot NET Web Forms based pages.

Response.Redirect Permanent ( )Method - HTTP 301 & HTTP 302

moving pages and content in the web applications with time is a common SEO practice that often takes you to storing of stale links in the search engines. Web developers of ASP.Net are often requested for forwarding the old links to the new URL through the Response.Redirect() method. However, what these web developers miss out on is the fact that Response.Redirect() way delivers an HTTP 302 Found WHICH MEANS - is a temporary redirect and results in an additional HTTP round trip when one try for old Links or Urls. Redirect Permanent (string url) technique have the potential to redirect using an HTTP 301 (moved permanently) response. Moreover, with ASP.NET 4, Response. Website crawling , content indexing & improved search engine ranking is assured with this Redirect through HTTP 301 technique.

ASP.NET 4 have so many great features that are especifically created for webmasters Facing challenges from websites having impressive Search Engine Optimization. All web developers and webmasters should take care of these small things because these techniques can improve user traffic rate to your site. Moreover, These techniques may also show great increments with the direct or indirect revenue you make from it. My aonly advice to all webmasters and site owners is Choose web development company with care while forwarding web development work !

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