How to Increase traffic to your Website

Tired of Link Exchanges? Tired of Sharing Links on Social Networking Websites ?  Do you really want like to bring traffic to your Website and Increase Return on Investment & CONVERSIONS? If you want more seo traffic to your website but think it's too difficult, time consuming, or expensive, you're not alone. In fact, nearly seventy percent of the Digital marketing and search engine optimization experts says that generating SEO Traffic is their number one challenge. Everyone Internet Marketing Expert and Search engine Optimizer knows that increasing your traffic will lead to Increase conversions and sales.

SEO is about ways to get your website to the top of search engines. This cannot be stressed enough. You can bring seo traffic by search engine friendly Quality Content by writing informative content like articles , website content and blogs, by sharing your content at social networking and sharing multimedia. This sounds easy but it’s a lot of hard work. Still, you can also strategically share your search engine optimized website content in different social media websites while keeping your target Audiences in mind.

Make your website Fast. We all get angry and irritated when website  takes more than 2-3 seconds to connect.Visitor want to make contact, and make it quick. You need to ensure that your website load asap. Remove Heavy graphics , Images ,  flash , Frames , Tables , JavaScript they can be time hogs.

Follow the above mentioned steps or seo tricks to bring traffic to your website. Enjoy !

Website Designing Maintenance TIPS for Webmasters

Here is list of a few things webmasters Must take care of at the time of Website designing & Maintenance Please  go through the following website Maintenance tips and do drop me a line as a comment.

  • Place your all images / Pictures in a subfolder. for example - If your file is, then your images for that must be placed in
  • You should Save a template for creating new webpages. Create a webpage that includes your website designing elements, menu and header, but lacks content. Then create a new page, start out by copying that template.
  • Use a Content Management System for updating webpages & sections of the website. For example, if you have created a news page, you should add blogging software to make updating it much easier. Please do take care of this point at the Time of SEO and website development
  • For webpages that may have a lot of content added , design the webpages according to that so they can br expanded.
  • If you update your website's webpages frequently, Always keep a backup of the File each time before going to update it.
  • Always Make a list of the numbers of the webpages you have edited, when you edited them and what you changes you made in the file at the time of Website optimization and seo services.
  • Place Images in the webpage carefully , Give new pictures the same height & width as the existing. Image's Height and width can dissort the design.
  • If you have Placed an Image as a banner on your Home page, change it out every month or once in every six months. Make sure the new Image you placed is optimized and of the same size.
  • Never use Fluorescent Colors or too many colors , different set of fonts and Never use too much bold and italicized words in the content of a webpage. These things can give your website a cheap look !

Web Development Web Design Training


Web Development or Website Designing or Website Optimization is not an easy job and It requires a lot of hard work and most importantly being associated with a good and renowned Web Development Web Design training Institute or Web Development company that offers the best possible training in terms of web development web design apart from the above two aspects. Choosing the right company which has a committed and qualified Web Development website Design training team is extremely critical for the overall development of an individual. There no doubt that there is a huge market for well trained web designers and web developers and SEO specialists and SEO services experts.  Keeping this in mind we at webdevelopment2webdesign have taken a lot of effort to set up a very good and highly effective online web development web design training Institute catering to the above needs. So if any of our blog reader individual, situated anywhere across the world is on the lookout for a good web development web design training module covering either web design or web development the first thing they should do is to find out more information from us by commenting below before making a decision to Join in for web development web design online training.

Custom Web development or Website Templates

In present times of Internet growth and introduction of new Internet & web development technologies , Companies & brands  now understand that web presence of a company or brand is important for business development and gives instant profit , leads and customers.  But when a company or brand inters in the web market the question arises is -  How to proceed , what to choose , which technology should be used and  Should go for templates or custom WEB DEVELOPMENT

There are so many solutions to all the above questions i have stated above,  Answer  depends on the sources , target  and audience. In this web development article I will tell you the procedure about How to analyse the parameter of how a website should be created.  There are basically two ways to launch your website ,  first is , you can go for custom web development  or you are free to buy website Template as ready solution for a website.

Custom web development

If you want your site to look different , exceptional and in terms of design your company website should  be the best in the real web world, specially if your brand comes in a category where look & presentation matters a lot for your business then one should always go for custom website development .

Advantages of Custom Web Development :

1 . Custom website designing & development  allows you to add custom features , custom applications and gives you freedom to add and place these custom web application any where you want  at website  according to the Internet Market & company needs.

2.  You  will get what you want  in Terms of Look , Feel , Design , applications and features in custom website development.

3.  If your future plans are to expand the web presence and Online business , or  If you own Ecommerce website or ahve online shopping stores then one should go for custom website development because It is pretty difficult to customize the ready made template, but custom developed websites can be expanded.

4. Save time at the time of  expansion or changes.

 According to me this web development solution is not ideal and profitable for small companies and brands because this is costly ,  labor-consuming and takes a lot of time at the time of development and launching your website.  So, if you have more than enough time  and big budget , only then go for custom website development solution.

Website templates , Skins or  themes

If your motive is to launch your website  as soon as possible and  don't want to spend too much on atleast the time launch, In this case one  can buy readymade or ready to install website template . It will be better option for you to choose website template.

Advantages of website templates , skins or themes

1. Save time
2. Nominal Development Cost
3. Instant website launch
4. Save Money

Disadvantages of Website Templates

1.   NO unique Design
2.  Limited features
3.  Can't expand as per your needs
4.  Technical issues at the time of Website template Customization

Everything comes in a packages  so above mentioned are a few  advantages and disadvantages of two solutions of website acquisition. Yes, I can give you advice and tips too , for example, Always develop your website keeping clients , customers or members in mind and their requirement and give them priority . Feel free to choose any website solution but main  thing is to clearly mention, why your brand and  company need a web site and for what you are going to use it.

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If need Help , Feel Free to contact me.

301 Redirect - How to create 301 Redirects

Before I start explaining about 301 redirect, I know you are wondering what is the 301 redirect and How to create 301 Redirects , You must have heard the term 301 redirects. All I can say is 301 redirects are extremely helpful when you want to keep safe & protect your domain names.

Normally Brands & companies Buy several domain names to protect their Brand name from buying their .net , or .in domain name. For example, if you registered domain name -, it is considered best to also register other TLds too like and even Some people even register the similar keywords of their domain name or keywords as domain to kill the competition.

The main problem with this type of practice is you do not want to have several different websites and there is a chance that search engine google can consider it as a duplicate content and plagiarism for identical content. So whats the solution ? Then You have to place a 301 redirect on your website to tell the search engines where to find your main or preferred website. Every one must use 301 at the time of web development

301 redirect helps you because if customer or any user types in say, instead of which is the proper way to enter your web site address, the person who typed in where the "r" and the "r" are inversed will automatically be redirected to the correct web site.

301 redirect prevents you from developing several web sites with the identical content which the search engines consider as duplicate content.

If you use a web host like , then you can redirect your domain names by a Just click of a button.

If you want to do it mannualy, then here are a few examples to put a 301 redirect on your website:

1. JavaScript meta refresh Practice ( not recommended )

If you are using a Linux server then follow these steps:

 If you want to redirect to then place the following information in the root directory of the

- Create .htaccess file using the following code:

redirect 301 /the-directory-on-mydomain/the-page-on-mydomain.html

- Save the file as simply .htaccess

- Check the file in the root directory of your web site.

- Upload the file to your server

- Test the .htaccess file by going to your old web address and make sure it redirects to your new website

Please note down that the update will take about 24 hours to work.

If you are using a Windows server web hosting with .ASP pages then place the following code:

<%@ Language=VBScript %> < % Response.Status="301 Moved Permanently" Response.AddHeader "Location", "">

If you are using a Windows server with then place this code:

private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { response.status = "301 moved permanently"; Response.AddHeader("Location",""); } < /script>

Be sure that if using a Windows server with either .asp or pages that you put the code before the tags on your page.

301 redirect tells the search engines that site and are the same as without wasting the Search Engine's and you can be sure that if accidentally visitors enters the wrong domain name, they will still end up at main website

SEO techniques for ASP.Net Website Optimization

Dot NET encompasses many great run time quality features that are especially made to speed up the website optimization & search engine Optimization Process. Listed below are few of the most widely used features, which I'm going to discuss briefly to make you understand how can one be benefited from these SEO aspects and have a way of Website Optimization or a webpage Optimization.

Page Meta Keywords & Page Meta Description Tags

The most basic way to improve the search engine relevancy of webpages is ensuring to place keywords and description tags comprised in the Header < head > section of the Webpage HTML. ASP dot NET four Web Forms has introduces the addition of two new properties to the web Page class: Meta Keywords and Meta Description , to Ensure make programming setting of these values within your HTML code in a easier and clean way.

ASP Dot NET 4 Header Tag < head > server control these values and uses these codes while outputting the Header < head > section ofweb pages, which is very much beneficial for persons using master-pages within the web site, and the header < head > section in Asp.Net lands in a dot master file which is segregated from the dot aspx file containing theweb page content. You can now put in the recent Keywords and Description Meta tags at the dot aspx webpage.

With the Right setting of Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags in the Web Pages HTML, You can also place them within the Page directive at the top of dot aspx pages. With the setting the values programmatically, issue related to overriding may pop in either the Header < head > section or through the @web Page attribute.

URL Routing with ASP.NET 

The seo technique is used in the application to make Search Engine optimization friendly - web 2.0 URLs. URL routing enables web application settings to admit request URLs that do not trace to physical files. Routing can also be used to delineate links having semantic meaning for users and the one that can assist the seo technique. However, in case of ASP dot NET 4, URLs can be mapped to both ASP dot NET MVC Controller classes and ASP dot NET Web Forms based pages.

Response.Redirect Permanent ( )Method - HTTP 301 & HTTP 302

moving pages and content in the web applications with time is a common SEO practice that often takes you to storing of stale links in the search engines. Web developers of ASP.Net are often requested for forwarding the old links to the new URL through the Response.Redirect() method. However, what these web developers miss out on is the fact that Response.Redirect() way delivers an HTTP 302 Found WHICH MEANS - is a temporary redirect and results in an additional HTTP round trip when one try for old Links or Urls. Redirect Permanent (string url) technique have the potential to redirect using an HTTP 301 (moved permanently) response. Moreover, with ASP.NET 4, Response. Website crawling , content indexing & improved search engine ranking is assured with this Redirect through HTTP 301 technique.

ASP.NET 4 have so many great features that are especifically created for webmasters Facing challenges from websites having impressive Search Engine Optimization. All web developers and webmasters should take care of these small things because these techniques can improve user traffic rate to your site. Moreover, These techniques may also show great increments with the direct or indirect revenue you make from it. My aonly advice to all webmasters and site owners is Choose web development company with care while forwarding web development work !

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Web Development services in India

While on a lookout for Web Development & Web designing companies that can offer professional web development services you should ensure that the web developers company focuses on perfect & Great quality work. Professional web development services are essential to ensure your website is in perfect shape without any error and it can perform as a right & perfect business tool to grab the attention of website visitors and convert that visitors into sales of your product. Another quality worth considering while looking for a web development services or web designing company is you must ensure that the web development company must have latest web development programming tools, languages and right website modules. There are several programming languages available in the web development market today, most of languages being used to create great websites.Some of these programming languages are easy to understand and modulate as per webmaster's business requirements while some programming languages are very complex, difficult to understand , maintain and can also be too expensive in India if certain modulations in the website are required.

 It is always better to choose such a web development company that has high level of experinece in open source Web application Development since open source applications are easily available on the web and inexpensive to maintain. As an essential part of web development services , many WEBMASTERS & businesses engage such development companies that can work on creating sophistic but complex dynamic website modules and integrating e-commerce tools like web shopping carts and payment gateways for their web portals or website. Companies like offer 24 hours customer support and are great to engage. One can never know when you are stuck or some website functions & feature of your website stops functioning. With 24 hour customer support services customer can easily get website up and online in no time at all.

As an integral part of web development & Web Designing services, many companies in India also offer sophistic Content Management Systems and Internet marketing strategies. Content Management system is simple & easy to use as you are in complete control of your web portal or website. You can add, delete and edit whichever webpage you want to and set it live and make visible instantly. Internet marketing strategies can further enhance the web presence & Visitors to your website and help build your company's brand value on the Internet. In order ascertain that the web development services company you are going to hire is of good reputation you can always ask for portfolio , references and testimonials. This can give you the assurance that you are making relations with a reputed , reliable and trustworthy company such as Web development Companies in India that offer good web development & Web Designing services are those that take care of all security aspects. Saving regular backups of databases, files and information on the server / website is another must have feature that a Business & Brand Owner must foresee. Taking regular Data backups would ensure that your content is well protected even if suddenly any issue arises.

Not many web development companies offer world-class web services. There can be so many reasons for this. Either they don't have the right web developers or web development experts in the company or they do not have the knowledge of developing and maintaining websites properly. It is always better to contact companies like who not only have the web development expertise in developing and managing quality websites of all sizes but who also know how to build and maintain relationships with companies , brands , clients and customers.

You can be always sure that such web development companies would offer quality web development & web designing services no matter what the cost may be. For more information on Web Development , Internet Marketing , software development , domain registration and Web Hosting India visit _________