Website Designing Maintenance TIPS for Webmasters

Here is list of a few things webmasters Must take care of at the time of Website designing & Maintenance Please  go through the following website Maintenance tips and do drop me a line as a comment.

  • Place your all images / Pictures in a subfolder. for example - If your file is, then your images for that must be placed in
  • You should Save a template for creating new webpages. Create a webpage that includes your website designing elements, menu and header, but lacks content. Then create a new page, start out by copying that template.
  • Use a Content Management System for updating webpages & sections of the website. For example, if you have created a news page, you should add blogging software to make updating it much easier. Please do take care of this point at the Time of SEO and website development
  • For webpages that may have a lot of content added , design the webpages according to that so they can br expanded.
  • If you update your website's webpages frequently, Always keep a backup of the File each time before going to update it.
  • Always Make a list of the numbers of the webpages you have edited, when you edited them and what you changes you made in the file at the time of Website optimization and seo services.
  • Place Images in the webpage carefully , Give new pictures the same height & width as the existing. Image's Height and width can dissort the design.
  • If you have Placed an Image as a banner on your Home page, change it out every month or once in every six months. Make sure the new Image you placed is optimized and of the same size.
  • Never use Fluorescent Colors or too many colors , different set of fonts and Never use too much bold and italicized words in the content of a webpage. These things can give your website a cheap look !


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