Custom Web development or Website Templates

In present times of Internet growth and introduction of new Internet & web development technologies , Companies & brands  now understand that web presence of a company or brand is important for business development and gives instant profit , leads and customers.  But when a company or brand inters in the web market the question arises is -  How to proceed , what to choose , which technology should be used and  Should go for templates or custom WEB DEVELOPMENT

There are so many solutions to all the above questions i have stated above,  Answer  depends on the sources , target  and audience. In this web development article I will tell you the procedure about How to analyse the parameter of how a website should be created.  There are basically two ways to launch your website ,  first is , you can go for custom web development  or you are free to buy website Template as ready solution for a website.

Custom web development

If you want your site to look different , exceptional and in terms of design your company website should  be the best in the real web world, specially if your brand comes in a category where look & presentation matters a lot for your business then one should always go for custom website development .

Advantages of Custom Web Development :

1 . Custom website designing & development  allows you to add custom features , custom applications and gives you freedom to add and place these custom web application any where you want  at website  according to the Internet Market & company needs.

2.  You  will get what you want  in Terms of Look , Feel , Design , applications and features in custom website development.

3.  If your future plans are to expand the web presence and Online business , or  If you own Ecommerce website or ahve online shopping stores then one should go for custom website development because It is pretty difficult to customize the ready made template, but custom developed websites can be expanded.

4. Save time at the time of  expansion or changes.

 According to me this web development solution is not ideal and profitable for small companies and brands because this is costly ,  labor-consuming and takes a lot of time at the time of development and launching your website.  So, if you have more than enough time  and big budget , only then go for custom website development solution.

Website templates , Skins or  themes

If your motive is to launch your website  as soon as possible and  don't want to spend too much on atleast the time launch, In this case one  can buy readymade or ready to install website template . It will be better option for you to choose website template.

Advantages of website templates , skins or themes

1. Save time
2. Nominal Development Cost
3. Instant website launch
4. Save Money

Disadvantages of Website Templates

1.   NO unique Design
2.  Limited features
3.  Can't expand as per your needs
4.  Technical issues at the time of Website template Customization

Everything comes in a packages  so above mentioned are a few  advantages and disadvantages of two solutions of website acquisition. Yes, I can give you advice and tips too , for example, Always develop your website keeping clients , customers or members in mind and their requirement and give them priority . Feel free to choose any website solution but main  thing is to clearly mention, why your brand and  company need a web site and for what you are going to use it.

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